Electrical Technology Training

Optical Transducer Trainer

Optical Transducer Trainer Useful, low cost, multi-purpose, mini-lab for all basic experiments in linear, digital & hybrid circuits using Optical Transducer Trainer • Low Cost • Multi purpose Mini Lab • Solderless Experiments possible • 2mm Inter Connection • Multi output DC Regulated Power Supplies with short circuit protection • Detailed Manual • 2 mm Stackable Patch Cords 2925....

Product Code: ELABEEE111001 - (Optical Transducer Trainer)


Strain Gauge Transducer Trainer

Strain Gauge Transducer Trainer designed to study the Strain Gauge Transducer as a Direct Weighing machines to observe the effect of weight on the strain or resistivity of the Strain Gauge.

  • DC Regulated Power Supply of for +12V Signal, Generationing circuit.
  • DC Regulated Power Supply for 5V.
  • Power Requirement :230V, ±10%, 50Hz
  • Range : 0-500m Strain
  • Sensor : Strain Gauge fitted on Strain Bar.

Product Code: ELABEEE111002 - (Strain Gauge Transducer Trainer)


Pressure Transducer Trainer

Pressure Transducer Trainer to measurement of Air Pressure using strain gauge.
A very good quality pressure sensor strain gauge based is used to measure the pressure and 3½ digital display for pressure indicator.
Range of pressure gauge is 0-10kg /cm2 and maximum capacity is 2kg /cm2 .
A mechanical pressure pump with oil tank is used for apply the pressure This
sensor forms a part of wheat stone bridge and with the help of signal conditioning provided in the panel measures air pressure with an accuracy of ±2%.
Power requirements 230V/50Hz.....

Product Code: ELABEEE111003 - (Pressure Transducer Trainer)


Temperature Transducer Trainer

Temperature Transducer Trainer with Temperature controlled oven with digital display, Instrumentation amplifier with gain switching, Digital voltmeter, Interfacing circuits for common transducers

A transducer in a device which converts the temperature information into an electrical signal, usually voltage, for an automated processing. A very wide variety of temperature transducers are commonly available which differ from each other with regards to there:

a) Range of operation

b) Sensitivity and linearity

c) Accuracy, Stability and Repeatability

d) Speed of response

The present experiments has been designed to study the input-output characteristics of some common transducers like, thermistors (PTC and NTC), thermocouple, semiconductor sensors and may be extended to also study the temperature coefficients of resistances.

The main requirements for an experiment of this nature are,

a) A precisely controlled from oven with a temperature display which is fast

b) An adjustable gain instrumentation amplifier which may be used to amplify the different levels of signals from transducers

c) Interfacing circuits suitable for the transducers used


    Temperature-output voltage characteristics of the following transducers in the temperature range of room temperature to 150º C and determination of their parameters
    Chromel - Alumel thermocouple
    Copper - Constantan thermocouple
    Thermistors - Positive Temperature Coefficient
                        - Negative Temperature Coefficient
    Semiconductor sensor (type AD590), upto 90ºC only

Features and Specifications

    Temperature controlled oven upto 150ºC with digital  temperature display
    Digital voltmeter on the panel for sensor output measurement
    Built-in interfacing circuit and switched gain instrumentation amplifier


Product Code: ELABEEE111004 - (Temperature Transducer Trainer)


LVDT Transducer Trainer

LVDT Transducer Trainer - Study of Linear Variable Differential Transducer (L.V.D.T.) Instrumentation trainer has been designed specifically for to study Linear Variable Differential Transducer (L.V.D.T.). The board is absolutely self contained & require no other apparatus. Practical experience on this set up carries great educative value for Science and Engineering Students. The instrumentation trainer consists of the following

  1. 01. One board having the following built in parts.
    • (a) ± 12V D.C. at 50mA I.C.regulated Power Supply for Sine wave Oscillator.
    • (b) 4KHz fixed Sine wave Oscillator having variable amplitude 0–10V (P–P).
    • (c) Digital Panel meter 3½ digits range 200mV.
    • (d) Detector circuit with output adjustment pot.
    • (e) 9 pin male connector.
  2. 02. Transducer : Linear variable differential transducer (L.V.D.T.).   
  3. Range : ± 20 mm. (Accuracy ± 1 mm, ± 1 Digit)
  4. Moving action : 6 wires,spring loaded type axial.
  5. Mains ON/OFF switch and fuse.
  6. Adequate no.of patch cords stackable 4 mm spring loaded plug length ½ metre.
  7. Good Quality, reliable terminal/sockets are provided at appropriate places on panel for connections /observation of waveforms.
  8. Strongly supported by detailed Operating Instructions, giving details of Object, Theory, Design procedures, Report Suggestions and Book References

Product Code: ELABEEE111005 - (LVDT Transducer Trainer)


Transducer & Instrumentation Trainer

Transducer & Instrumentation Trainer - Rugged, self - contained panel trainer with a steel case and integral power supplies. Transducer & Instrumentation Trainer include Transducer input devices, Transducer output devices and Instrumentation circuitry.

Input devices:For the detection of rotary and linear position, temperature, light, pressure, strain, airflow, humidity and audible and Ultrasonic sound
Output devices:

For the generation of heat, light, rotary and linear actions, audible and ultrasonic sound and visual indication of voltage, time and number of events.
Instrumentation circuitry:For the investigation of Wheatstone Bridges and current measurement techniques, linear and non-linear signal amplification, closed and open loop control, one, two and three term (PID) control, DC restoration of AC signals, signal transmission techniques and alarm generation.
Manual provided covers the following topic areas   :

    An introduction to basic control systems.
    An evaluation of the various Input devices.
    Practical investigation of the various output devices.
    Practical investigation of the Display devices.
    Applications in practical systems, evaluation of input requirements.
    In depth investigation / analysis of the numerous signal conditioning circuits.
    Investigation of control system characteristics (On/Off,
    Proportional, Proportional + Derivative & Proportional + Integral + Derivative)
    Design and implementation of speed control systems, positional control systems, temperature control systems and light level control systems.

Includes the following items:

    Instrumentation and Transducer Trainer
    4 mm Lead set
    Technical manual....

Product Code: ELABEEE111006 - (Transducer & Instrumentation Trainer)


Mini Process Demonstrator

Mini Process Control Demonstrator endows students and industry professionals to understand the concepts and working of thermal process control which enables them to learn advance and more complex thermal process; and contribute in the growth of instrumentation arena. It formulates students to accumulate, develop and practice the fundamentals of thermal process control.

Mini Process Control Demonstrator has sensors like temperature sensor, liquid level sensor, level indicators. It has safety measures such as emergency shutdown and overheat protector. There is a wide range of experiments that can be performed on the trainer. It also has computer interfacing with real time graphical analysis which helps to perform mathematical calculations required to state stability of process using methods like root locus, bode plot, etc.


Product Code: ELABEEE111007 - (Mini Process Demonstrator)


Level Control Trainer

Level control trainer is designed for understanding the basic principles of level control. The process setup consists of supply water tank fitted with pump for water circulation. The level transmitter used for level sensing is fitted on transparent process tank. The process parameter (level) is controlled by microprocessor based digital indicating controller which manipulates pneumatic control valve through I/P converter. A pneumatic control valve adjusts the water flow in to the tank. These units along with necessary piping are fitted on support housing designed for tabletop mounting.

The controller can be connected to computer through USB port for monitoring the process in SCADA mode.
Product is supplied with 32 point demo version of SCADA software package.

Product Code: ELABEEE111008 - (Level Control Trainer)


Flow Control Trainer

Flow control trainer is designed for understanding the basic principles of flow control. The process setup consists of supply water tank fitted with pump for water circulation. A DP transmitter is used for flow sensing which measures differential pressure across orifice meter. The process parameter (flow) is controlled by microprocessor based digital indicating controller which manipulates pneumatic control valve through I/P converter. The control valve is fitted in water flow line.
These units along with necessary piping are fitted on support housing designed for tabletop mounting.

The controller can be connected to computer through USB port for monitoring the process in SCADA mode.
Product is supplied with 32 point demo version of SCADA software package....

Product Code: ELABEEE111009 - (Flow Control Trainer)


Temperature Control Trainer

Temperature control trainer is designed for understanding the basic temperature control principles. The process setup consists of heating tank fitted with SSR controlled heater for on-line heating of the water. The flow of water can be manipulated and measured by rotameter. Temperature sensor (RTD) is used for temperature sensing. The process parameter (Temperature) is controlled by microprocessor based digital indicating controller which manipulates heat input to the process. These units along with necessary piping and fitting are mounted on support frame designed for tabletop mounting.

The controller can be connected to computer through USB port for monitoring the process in SCADA mode.
Product is supplied with 32 point demo version of SCADA software package.....

Product Code: ELABEEE111010 - (Temperature Control Trainer)


Pressure Control Trainer

The Pressure Control Trainer has been
designed to demonstrate and provide student’s
hands on experience on how a pressure loops
can be controlled using a microprocessor
based controller. The equipment consists
of industrial grade instrumentation to exhibit
a realistic working environment of standard
industrial pressure control loop.

The equipment is self - contained constructed on
an epoxy coated mild steel frame with
four lockable castor wheels. The tank,
instrumentation and values are strategically located for easy access. For safety reasons, the control panel is protected against water splashes.  The process piping is made of industrial pipes.

The system exhibits realistic response times using standard industrial process instruments widely used in industries.

All electrical wiring is laid in flexible PVC conduit and instrument cables are screened. Identification tags are provided for every major item found in the equipment....

Product Code: ELABEEE111011 - (Pressure Control Trainer)


Data Acquisition Trainer

his system uses a comprehensive approach to cover such topics as sensors, transducers, signal conditioning, Visual Basic, application development, and system integration. Basic signal conditioning is explored through a visible system on modular application PCBs that are inserted into the base station. The student can use a variety of signal condition techniques to process the signal before it can be acquired by the PC computer....

Product Code: ELABEEE111012 - (Data Acquisition Trainer)


Process Control Trainer

  • Lightweight, tabletop and robust in construction
  • Aluminium profile flat panel setup with SS (304/316) piping for wide angle view of every component in process.
  • Individual control loops as well as Advance control schemes like ratio, cascade and feed forward coupled tank.
  • Connection through polarized FRC connectors, sturdy 4mm banana sockets & patch cords enabling quick setting up of variety of process control experiments.
  • P4/XP window based PID controller (DDC) software package with P, PI & PID control, ratio & cascade control, three operating modes, online graph drawing & data acquisition modes (SCADA).

Product Code: ELABEEE111013 - (Process Control Trainer)


Stepper Motor Control Trainer

Keeping in mind the changing requirements of customers, we are involved in offering utmost quality of Stepper Motor Control Trainer. This Stepper Motor Control Trainer is known for its world class quality and long functional life. On the other hand, this Stepper Motor Control Trainer is highly demanded by clients due to its perfect finishing and effective results.


    Highly reliable
    Extensively used
    Reasonable price


Product Code: ELABEEE111014 - (Stepper Motor Control Trainer)


PLC Trainer with Applications


Product Code: ELABEEE111015 - (PLC Trainer with Applications)


PLC Trainer with Applications


Product Code: ELABEEE111016 - (PLC Trainer with Applications)


Motor Control By PLC

We are amongst the chief manufacturer and supplier of varied assortment of premium quality Motor Control Center. This system is manufactured using utmost quality material and most modern technology resulting in robustness and longer functional life. This offered product is widely appreciated due to customized solutions for our esteem clientele. Thanks to low maintenance, sturdy construction and consistency, this system is very much appreciated by our clientele over the others. Owing to affordable price range, this system is widely in demand in the market.



  • Low maintenance

  • Reliable

  • Sturdy construction

  • Affordable price


Product Code: ELABEEE111017 - (Motor Control By PLC)


Elevator Control By PLC

Elevator Control by PLC enables Students and practicing Engineers to gain invaluable practical experience of the principles and application of Programmable Logic Controllers. The objective is to connect and program an external Programmable Logic Controller to monitor and control elevator system. Elevator controlling model is shown with the help of switches & LEDs. The module is connected with input and output of PLC. Three floors as shown on board, and switches are used to call and go to the desired floor. LED`s indicate the current floor on which elevator is present. The elevator model board is made in such a way that Students can understand how elevator can be controlled using PLC and get familiar with inputs and outputs of PLC.
  • User friendly and powerful instruction sets.
  • Ready to use application board.
  • Exhaustive learning material

Product Code: ELABEEE111018 - (Elevator Control By PLC)


Conveyor Control By PLC

Conveyors are basically material handling equipments. Conveyors are used for moving materials over a fixed path. There is a broad range of types of conveyor systems. Wheel conveyor, Roller conveyor, Chain conveyor, Magnetic conveyor, Pneumatic conveyor are some the major types.

Conveyors are used :

  • When material is to be moved frequently between specific points
  • To move materials over a fixed path
  • When there is a sufficient flow volume to justify the fixed conveyor investment
Conveyors can be classified in different ways :
  • Type of product being handled: unit load or bulk load
  • Location of the conveyor: overhead, on-floor, or in-floor
  • Conveyor Control by PLC is a Flat Belt Conveyor system. It consists of two Sensors. One is IR Sensor and other is Proximity Sensor. Belt is driven by a DC motor. Output of Proximity Sensor, output of IR Sensor are the inputs of PLC and motor Motor direction and buzzer are the outputs of PLC. Some additional I/Os also given for user.

    •  User friendly and powerful instruction sets.
    •  Ready to use application board.
    •  Exhaustive learning material
    •  On board buzzer, Proximity Sensor, IR Sensor, DC motor.
    •  On board conveyor

    Product Code: ELABEEE111019 - (Conveyor Control By PLC)


    Temperature Control By PLC

    Temperature Control enables Students and practicing Engineers to gain invaluable practical experience of the principles and application of analog module in PLC. The objective is to have the clear and better understanding of how analog signals are interfaced and controlled with PLC. Temperature Control by PLC has two Temperature Sensors which sense Temperature of heater, For cooling a fan is provided on top of the heater which can be switched ON / OFF as needed. Sensor 1gives output in terms of voltage with respect to Temperature, and Sensor 2 gives output in terms of Current (4-20 mA) with respect to Temperature. The apparatus is connected with analog input and output of PLC. Users can connect the analog input and output of PLC with Temperature Sensor with the help of 2mm patch cords and can program this board with the help of PLC software.

    •  User friendly and powerful instruction sets.
    •  Temperature variations in voltage shown on LCD
    •  Ready to use application board.
    •  Exhaustive learning material

    Product Code: ELABEEE111020 - (Temperature Control By PLC)


    Water Level Control By PLC

    Water level control enables Students and practicing Engineers to gain invaluable practical experience of the principles and application of Programmable Logic Controllers. The objective is to connect and program an external Programmable Logic Controller to monitor and control the level of water in a tank system.

    Water level controlling is shown with the help of LEDs. The module is connected with output of PLC. Two valves for filling and draining water are shown, for indicating ONOFF condition of valve LED is used. Filling of tank is indicated by two sensors positioned to sense maximum and minimum water levels of tank.

    • User friendly and powerful instruction sets.
    • Ready to use application board.
    • Exhaustive learning material

    Product Code: ELABEEE111021 - (Water Level Control By PLC)


    Traffic Signal Control By PLC

    As a reputed firm, we are engaged in exporting, trading, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Traffic Light Control By PLC. Traffic light control enables students and practicing engineers to gain invaluable practical experience of the principles and application of programmable logic controllers. The object is to connect and program an external programmable logic controller to monitor and control the traffic light system. Traffic light controlling is shown with the help of LEDs. The apparatus is connected with output of PLC. Four way traffic is automatically controlled by PLC roads which meeting at a circle.

    Technical Specifications :-
    Interface : 20 pin FRC cable needed with PLC (ST2401 A / B / C)
    Input pin voltage : 24 V DC when particular i/p is activated from PLC
    Output pin voltage : 5 V DC when particular o/p is activated from PLC
    Power Supply : From PLC Traine....

    Product Code: ELABEEE111022 - (Traffic Signal Control By PLC)


    Magnetic Levitation Control Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111023 - (Magnetic Levitation Control Trainer)


    DC Servo Control Trainer

    • This equipment can test principal and introduction of DC Servo, P. I. D controller operation and position control.
    • This equipment can test computer P.I.D control, analog control, digital control experiment and print out the result of experiment with file saving.
    • This angular control system is using for position control. There is brake system for constant revolution experiment.
    • There is an experimental manual for DC servo motor trainer.

    Product Code: ELABEEE111024 - (DC Servo Control Trainer)


    AC Servo Motor Trainer

    Practices and experiments on Servo motor control techniques using Servo Driver
    Aluminum carrying case for convenient storage and mobility
    JOG operation, PLC control operation, PC control operation
    Various types of control elements easily to be mounted
    Capable of checking normal operating voltage / over current by the voltmeter and ammeter....

    Product Code: ELABEEE111025 - (AC Servo Motor Trainer)


    PID Trainer

    In control system there are different types of controller. Study of two-position mode as ON/OFF controller and continuous controller modes as PID controller is a very important part of control engineering. To have a basic idea and practical hands on controllers our PID Trainer has been designed to be used by student to investigate the fundamental principles of PID by applying different signals to it.


    With PID controller trainer student can study two position mode as ON/OFF controller and continuous controller modes as P-control
    mode, I-control mode, D control mode, PI-control mode, PD - control mode and PID control mode. This modes of controller can be performed individually and also with different combinations in open loop and close loop system. With this trainer user can easily  understand the difference between the different modes of controllers used. Square wave, triangular wave generator and variable DC supply as set point is given on board and disturbance generator is provided. Effect of PID can be seen on first order system and second order system in open loop and close loop system, which is given on the board.



    • Proportional, Integral and Derivative functions can be checked on same board ( configurable as P,I, D, PI, PD, PID )
    • ON/OFF controller
    • Square and triangular wave with variable frequency for testing PID
    • Variable DC for set point
    • Error detector
    • Ist order system & IInd order system
    • In built power supply
    • Dead zone and disturbances generator
    • Built-in 3½ DVM for DC measurement
    • Test point at varies block to measure and observe the signals.
    • Manual describing working of trainer along with detailed experiment descriptions

    Product Code: ELABEEE111026 - (PID Trainer)


    Motor Control Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111027 - (Motor Control Trainer)


    Digital to Analog Converter Trainer

    Analog to digital converter

  • 8-bit discrete ADC
  • 12-bit monolithic ADC IC
  • On-board signal generator with adjustable amplitude levels
  • On-board LED bank to observe digital outputs
  • Power supply : +5V, ± 12V GND
  • Interconnection is provided by 2mm connectors
  • Experimental manual
  • ....

    Product Code: ELABEEE111028 - (Digital to Analog Converter Trainer)


    Analog to Digital Converter Trainer

    Digital to analog converter

  • 8-bit resistors DAC
  • 8-bit ladder type D to A converter
  • 8-bit D to A converter using monolithic IC
  • Simple construction using Op-Amp and resistors
  • On-board switches are provided for digital pattern generation
  • 8-bit digital inputs ranges from 00 to FF
  • Variable frequency counter to study the settling time

  • 8-bit and 8-bit ladder type DAC are constructed using discrete components
  • 8-bit monolithic DAC having settling time in the range of ns, wide power supply range, low power consumption, full scale error ± 1LSB
  • 8-bit digital ramp ADC constructed using discrete components
  • 12-bit monolithic ADC having conversion time in the range of µs, industry standard pin out, wide input range
  • 8 on-board switches to provide digital inputs to DAC
  • 8-bit counter running on external clock frequency to study settling time of DAC
  • 1 KHz sine wave with adjustable amplitude level
  • On-board variable DC voltage source for studying unipolar and bipolar modes of ADC
  • 12 output LEDs to observe ADC outputs
  • ADA operates on DC power supply (+12V,-12V,+5V and GND)
  • Interconnection is provided by standard 2mm connector
  • Extensive experimental manual is provided with the kit
  • ....

    Product Code: ELABEEE111029 - (Analog to Digital Converter Trainer)


    Relay Control Trainer

    Backed by technologically advanced manufacturing unit, we have been able to offer our clients a qualitative range of Relay Control Trainer. Ensures trouble-free functionality to our clients, offered product is manufactured by our adept professionals at our well-equipped processing unit using supreme quality components as per the defined industry standards. This product is mainly used in diverse industries for controlling various process. Apart from this, offered Relay Control Trainer is made available in various technical specifications at reasonable prices.


    • Strong construction


    • Low maintenance


    • Superior functionality


    • High operational fluency


    Product Code: ELABEEE111030 - (Relay Control Trainer)


    Inverted Pendulum Control Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111031 - (Inverted Pendulum Control Trainer)


    Ball & Beam Control Trainer

    The Ball & Beam control system is a classic control teaching aid especially designed for courses in automatic control principle, modern control engineering, and electrical motor control — with operating characteristics typical of inherently unstable systems, as found in aircraft, ships and robots for example.

    The Ball & Beam control system designed by Googoltech is able to control the position of a stainless steel ball on the track by adjusting the rotating angle of a beam. It consists of a v-grooved steel bar and a free rolling ball. The linear sensor measures the position of the ball on the track by measuring the output voltage from the stainless steel bar. A DC motor is connects to a gear reducer, which controls the angle of beam, accordingly realize the position control of the ball.

    A dynamic and visually-motivating system, the Ball & Beam control system gives an impressive insight into the power of control theory.


    Product Code: ELABEEE111032 - (Ball & Beam Control Trainer)


    Programmable Logic Control Trainer

    The  Programmable Logic Controller Trainer are powerful and flexible systems ideally suited to your specialized needs. Panasonic’s is a leader in industrial automation and many factories commonly use their products.  The systems in our trainers are compatible with a variety of accessories and peripherals, thus allowing them to be easily expanded into larger systems. This trainer is suitable for the students to develop competence in operating, programming, and troubleshooting modern PLC control circuits.  Several models of trainers are available in different sizes. These trainers are Basic Training Package, intermediate training package and advanced training package according to their difficulty level and equipments needed.  A student experiment manual is provided to guide the student through the experiments. The experiments are chosen to cover the topics from basic familiarization of the PLC up to programming and applications.




    • PLC module built-in 16 inputs and 14 outputs Binding Post socket for external interface 
    • PLC module  with built-in standard of 8 inputs and 6 outputs
    • Expansion module NAIS FPO-E16RS with built-in expansion of 8 inputs and 8 outputs
    • Programming port  with programming cables
    • 12VDC & 24VDC Power Supply Module
    • 8 integrated input toggle switches
    • 8 integrated input Push To ON switches
    • 16 integrated input Pilot lamp indicators
    • 14 integrated output Pilot lamp indicators
    • 24VDC Motor Module
    • 24VDC Buzzer Module
    • Magnetic Switch Module
    • Input & Output Voltage Polarity Module
    • 47 integrated Binding Post Socket for :
      • 16 inputs      
      • 14 outputs
      • 2 points of 24Vdc
      • 2 point of 12Vdc
      • 4 points of 0V
      • 5 points of Relay
      • 2 points of Motor
      • 2 points of Buzzer
    • Operation voltage: 240 VAC, 50Hz, 5A Fused Protected 
    • PLC Programming software (Student Evaluation Version)
    • Manual in CD complete with examples sample programs
    • RS-232C Programming Cable
    • Power Cord

    Product Code: ELABEEE111033 - (Programmable Logic Control Trainer)


    Electrical Power Utilization Trainer

    Electrical Power Utilization Trainer

    Large energy consumers like industrial plants, processing plants and manufacturing units are required to provide compensation for reactive power used by them. Modern electrical control circuits also generate harmonics in the network.

    This laboratory addresses the topics like reactive power compensation, reactive power controllers, measurement of electrical energy in three phase networks, cost of power consumed by the customers. These topics are analyzed from the theoretical point of view and also by means of practical examples.



    Module Based

    Power Supplies Included

    Flexibility to Perform Custom Experiments

    Passive Components Included

    Resistors, Capacitors and Inductors Included

    Control Circuits Included

    P.T. and other Passive Components Included

    Protection Circuits Included


    Product Code: ELABEEE111034 - (Electrical Power Utilization Trainer)


    Electrical Power Transmission Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111035 - (Electrical Power Transmission Trainer)


    lectrical Power Generation Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111036 - (lectrical Power Generation Trainer)


    Electrical Power Protection Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111037 - (Electrical Power Protection Trainer)


    AC Conversion


    Product Code: ELABEEE111038 - (AC Conversion)


    DC Conversion


    Product Code: ELABEEE111039 - (DC Conversion)


    DC Conversion


    Product Code: ELABEEE111040 - (DC Conversion)


    AC Conversion


    Product Code: ELABEEE111041 - (AC Conversion)


    Electronic Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111042 - (Electronic Trainer)


    Digital / Analog Training System


    Product Code: ELABEEE111043 - (Digital / Analog Training System)


    Curve Tracer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111044 - (Curve Tracer)


    Electricity, Electromagnetism & Electrolysis Training System


    Product Code: ELABEEE111045 - (Electricity, Electromagnetism & Electrolysis Training System)


    Electricity & Magnetism Training System


    Product Code: ELABEEE111046 - (Electricity & Magnetism Training System)


    Electricity & Magnetism Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111047 - (Electricity & Magnetism Trainer)


    Analog/Electronic Training System


    Product Code: ELABEEE111048 - (Analog/Electronic Training System)


    Digital Logic Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111049 - (Digital Logic Trainer)


    Digital Logic Training System


    Product Code: ELABEEE111050 - (Digital Logic Training System)


    Power Electronics & Industrial Electronics Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111051 - (Power Electronics & Industrial Electronics Trainer)


    Power Electronics Training System


    Product Code: ELABEEE111052 - (Power Electronics Training System)


    PIC Microcontroller Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111053 - (PIC Microcontroller Trainer)


    AVR Microcontroller Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111054 - (AVR Microcontroller Trainer)


    Microcontroller Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111055 - (Microcontroller Trainer)


    PIC Microcontroller Training System


    Product Code: ELABEEE111056 - (PIC Microcontroller Training System)


    AVR Microcontroller Training System


    Product Code: ELABEEE111057 - (AVR Microcontroller Training System)


    Microcontroller Training System


    Product Code: ELABEEE111058 - (Microcontroller Training System)


    Universal Microcontroller Training System (AVR/PIC/8051)


    Product Code: ELABEEE111059 - (Universal Microcontroller Training System (AVR/PIC/8051))


    Universal Microcontroller Trainer (AVR/PIC/8051)


    Product Code: ELABEEE111060 - (Universal Microcontroller Trainer (AVR/PIC/8051))


    Bit Microprocessor Training System (80386)


    Product Code: ELABEEE111061 - (Bit Microprocessor Training System (80386))


    Microprocessor Training System


    Product Code: ELABEEE111062 - (Microprocessor Training System)


    Microprocessor Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111063 - (Microprocessor Trainer)


    Microprocessor Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111064 - (Microprocessor Trainer)


    Interface with Virtual Instrumentation


    Product Code: ELABEEE111065 - (Interface with Virtual Instrumentation)


    PC Based Oscilloscope with Digital Interface


    Product Code: ELABEEE111066 - (PC Based Oscilloscope with Digital Interface)


    Frequency Modulation Receiver Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111067 - (Frequency Modulation Receiver Trainer)


    Frequency Modulation Transmitter Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111068 - (Frequency Modulation Transmitter Trainer)


    AM / FM Radio Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111069 - (AM / FM Radio Trainer)


    Noise Audio Amplifier Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111070 - (Noise Audio Amplifier Trainer)


    Audio Input / Audio Output Module


    Product Code: ELABEEE111071 - (Audio Input / Audio Output Module)


    Frequency Modulation / Demodulation Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111072 - (Frequency Modulation / Demodulation Trainer)


    Frequency Division Multiplexing Transceiver Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111073 - (Frequency Division Multiplexing Transceiver Trainer)


    AM DSB/SSB Receiver Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111074 - (AM DSB/SSB Receiver Trainer)


    AM DSB/SSB Transmitter Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111075 - (AM DSB/SSB Transmitter Trainer)


    Transmission Line Simulation Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111076 - (Transmission Line Simulation Trainer)


    Transmission Line Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111077 - (Transmission Line Trainer)


    Antenna Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111078 - (Antenna Trainer)


    Data Communication Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111079 - (Data Communication Trainer)


    Local Area Network (LAN) Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111080 - (Local Area Network (LAN) Trainer)


    CVSD Transceiver Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111081 - (CVSD Transceiver Trainer)


    Bit Variable Data Generator / PN Sequence Generator


    Product Code: ELABEEE111082 - (Bit Variable Data Generator / PN Sequence Generator)


    PAM-PPM-PWM Transceiver Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111083 - (PAM-PPM-PWM Transceiver Trainer)


    Digital Modulation Techniques Receiver Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111084 - (Digital Modulation Techniques Receiver Trainer)


    Digital Modulation Techniques Transmitter Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111085 - (Digital Modulation Techniques Transmitter Trainer)


    Delta, Adaptive Delta and Delta Sigma Transceiver Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111086 - (Delta, Adaptive Delta and Delta Sigma Transceiver Trainer)


    Time Division Multiplexing Transceiver Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111087 - (Time Division Multiplexing Transceiver Trainer)


    Sampling & Reconstruction Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111088 - (Sampling & Reconstruction Trainer)


    CDMA Transceiver Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111089 - (CDMA Transceiver Trainer)


    Pulse Code Modulation Receiver Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111090 - (Pulse Code Modulation Receiver Trainer)


    Pulse Code Modulation Transmitter Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111091 - (Pulse Code Modulation Transmitter Trainer)


    Elementary Fiber Optic Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111092 - (Elementary Fiber Optic Trainer)


    Advanced Fiber Optic Communication Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111093 - (Advanced Fiber Optic Communication Trainer)


    Wave Propagation Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111094 - (Wave Propagation Trainer)


    RF Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111095 - (RF Trainer)


    Microstrip Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111096 - (Microstrip Trainer)


    Microwave Communication Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111097 - (Microwave Communication Trainer)


    EPABX Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111098 - (EPABX Trainer)


    DTMF Telephone Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111099 - (DTMF Telephone Trainer)


    GPS Trainer


    Product Code: ELABEEE111100 - (GPS Trainer)