Electrical Technology Training

Optical Transducer Trainer


Optical Transducer Trainer Useful, low cost, multi-purpose, mini-lab for all basic experiments in linear, digital & hybrid circuits using Optical Transducer Trainer • Low Cost • Multi purpose Mini Lab • Solderless Experiments possible • 2mm Inter Connection • Multi output DC Regulated Power Supplies with short circuit protection &....

Strain Gauge Transducer Trainer


Strain Gauge Transducer Trainer designed to study the Strain Gauge Transducer as a Direct Weighing machines to observe the effect of weight on the strain or resistivity of the Strain Gauge.

  • DC Regulated Power Supply of for +12V Signal, Generationing circuit.
  • DC Regulated Power Supply for 5V.
  • Power Requirement :230V, ±10%, 50Hz
  • Range : 0-500m S....

Pressure Transducer Trainer


Pressure Transducer Trainer to measurement of Air Pressure using strain gauge.
A very good quality pressure sensor strain gauge based is used to measure the pressure and 3½ digital display for pressure indicator.
Range of pressure gauge is 0-10kg /cm2 and maximum capacity is 2kg /cm2 .
A mechanical pressure pump with oil tank is used for apply the pressure This

Temperature Transducer Trainer


Temperature Transducer Trainer with Temperature controlled oven with digital display, Instrumentation amplifier with gain switching, Digital voltmeter, Interfacing circuits for common transducers

A transducer in a device which converts the temperature information into an electrical signal, usually voltage, for an automated processing. A very wide variety of temperature trans....

LVDT Transducer Trainer


LVDT Transducer Trainer - Study of Linear Variable Differential Transducer (L.V.D.T.) Instrumentation trainer has been designed specifically for to study Linear Variable Differential Transducer (L.V.D.T.). The board is absolutely self contained & require no other apparatus. Practical experience on this set up carries great educative value for Science and Engineering Students.....

Transducer & Instrumentation Trainer


Transducer & Instrumentation Trainer - Rugged, self - contained panel trainer with a steel case and integral power supplies. Transducer & Instrumentation Trainer include Transducer input devices, Transducer output devices and Instrumentation circuitry.

Input devices:For the detection of rotary and linear position, temperature, light, pressure, strain, airflow, humidity and a....

Mini Process Demonstrator


Mini Process Control Demonstrator endows students and industry professionals to understand the concepts and working of thermal process control which enables them to learn advance and more complex thermal process; and contribute in the growth of instrumentation arena. It formulates students to accumulate, develop and practice the fundamentals of thermal process control.


Level Control Trainer


Level control trainer is designed for understanding the basic principles of level control. The process setup consists of supply water tank fitted with pump for water circulation. The level transmitter used for level sensing is fitted on transparent process tank. The process parameter (level) is controlled by microprocessor based digital indicating controller which manipulates pneumatic control val....

Flow Control Trainer


Flow control trainer is designed for understanding the basic principles of flow control. The process setup consists of supply water tank fitted with pump for water circulation. A DP transmitter is used for flow sensing which measures differential pressure across orifice meter. The process parameter (flow) is controlled by microprocessor based digital indicating controller which manipulates pneumat....

Temperature Control Trainer


Temperature control trainer is designed for understanding the basic temperature control principles. The process setup consists of heating tank fitted with SSR controlled heater for on-line heating of the water. The flow of water can be manipulated and measured by rotameter. Temperature sensor (RTD) is used for temperature sensing. The process parameter (Temperature) is controlled by microprocessor....

Pressure Control Trainer


The Pressure Control Trainer has been
designed to demonstrate and provide student’s
hands on experience on how a pressure loops
can be controlled using a microprocessor
based controller. The equipment consists
of industrial grade instrumentation to exhibit
a realistic working environment of standard
industrial pressure control loop.

Data Acquisition Trainer


his system uses a comprehensive approach to cover such topics as sensors, transducers, signal conditioning, Visual Basic, application development, and system integration. Basic signal conditioning is explored through a visible system on modular application PCBs that are inserted into the base station. The student can use a variety of signal condition techniques to process the signal befo....

Process Control Trainer


  • Lightweight, tabletop and robust in construction
  • Aluminium profile flat panel setup with SS (304/316) piping for wide angle view of every component in process.
  • Individual control loo....

Stepper Motor Control Trainer


Keeping in mind the changing requirements of customers, we are involved in offering utmost quality of Stepper Motor Control Trainer. This Stepper Motor Control Trainer is known for its world class quality and long functional life. On the other hand, this Stepper Motor Control Trainer is highly demanded by clients due to its perfect finishing and effective results.